Food has been my gateway to a kind and grateful life.   I deeply enjoy cooking and being attentive to how what we consume effects our health, wellness, and the environment.  Adopting a plant based lifestyle at age 6, my commitment to this lifestyle has developed and strengthened greatly over the last 2o years.  The intention of this blog is to share some of my favorite recipes, tips, and resources with people in my life who are interested in some plant-based guidance based on my own life experience.

Although I feel strongly that a plant based lifestyle is the most ethical, environmentally friendly, and humanistically concerned way to eat, I am not interested in using this blog as an opportunity to prophesied a vegan diet or argue it’s merits.  The intention of this collection is to provide resources to friends who have approached me with interest on learning more about a plant based lifestyle. If you’re any questions, concerns, or feedback, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by : )


Anne E