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Blue Cheese

A basic dairy free Blue Cheese recipe is always good to have in your collection!  Try this one with Buffalo Cauliflower.

Vegan Fish Sauce

Easily make pho, curry, and dipping sauce recipes entirely plant based by substituting fish sauce for this animal free version by Vegan Miam.  It will add a savory and tangy flavor to noodles, stir fries, spring rolls, and whatever else you want cook with it! To make this recipe gluten free, use a gluten free tamari soy […]

Chickpea Cutlets

Top off salads or tuck into sandwiches with these delicious chickpea cutlets from the Veganomican cookbook.  Savory and sagey, they will remind you of Thanksgiving, but you’ll want to eat them all year round.  Top off with Lentil Miso Gravy , mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies for a really homey meal. Make ahead of time and freeze! Reheat on a […]

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast with a Everyday Blueberry Smoothie has become one of my go to breakfasts.  I do not eat very much bread, but I am a huge fan of sourdough.  I discovered that a local bakery, Elm Street Bakery, makes traditional sourdough breads, allowing the dough to ferment, resulting in a bread with very little gluten.  I now only buy […]

Everyday Blueberry Smoothie

There are a zillion smoothie recipes out there, but I thought I would share mine because I have found it’s very economical, and I can make it from fruit that I pick locally and freeze.  Try this smoothie with Avocado Toast for a fresh and healthy  breakfast. Here’s what you’ll need : Everyday Blueberry Smoothie : […]

Quick Pickled Onions & Cabbage

If you open my fridge, you can usually find a large jar of this pickled topping.  Great on everything from sandwiches to breakfast savory oatmeal bowls , I think you’ll enjoy how easy it is to make as much as how tasty it is. This is another recipe that I usually just wing, eyeballing the amounts based on […]

Lentil Miso Gravy Bowl

I could eat this Lentil Miso Gravy from Isa Does It’s  “Good Gravy Bowl” recipe with a spoon. It is SO good.  And what I like most about it, is that it freezes really well in mason jars.  I’ll pull out a jar to thaw out before I head out for the day, then come home and steam veggies, bake tofu, […]

Sour Cream

The Best Damn Vegan Sour Cream  recipe from Gluten Free Vegan Pantry is appropriately named.  This will easily become a stable in your fridge.  I tried bought pre-made dairy free sour creams before an this homemade version tops them all!

Ground Walnut Meat

With a desperate craving for tacos and a black bean void in my pantry, I concocted this recipe, which is as delicious as it simple.  A batch of this walnut meat will last about a week in the fridge (but you’ll eat it all before then).  I sprinkle it on salads, toss in with roasted […]

Basil Cashew Cheese

I use this Basil Cashew Cheese recipe from an Oh She Glows lasagna recipe on sandwiches, pizzas, as a vegetable dip, and in pasta dishes.  It is so simple and stores well.  Make it ahead of time for parties and get togethers for a sure to impress hors d’oeuvre “cheese”served with toasted sourdough, crackers, or sliced veggies!