Health & Wellness

I think we all know Googling your health questions or symptoms leads to the diagnosis of certain death… When I have general inquiries, these are some of the trusted sources I turn to.

People’s Pharmacy is a great podcast you may be able to catch on your local NPR station, or online. It is a wealth of health & wellness knowledge with an often homeopathic and home remedy slant.

Healthy at Home by Tieraona Low Dog, M.D is my go-to source for herbal remedies and home pratices for aches & pains, sniffles & sneezes.  Her blog and website also contain helpful information on supplements and other nutrient based questions.

Dr. Andrew Weil is widely respected for his holistic approach to medicine.  His books and website can be a great resource for answering questions about health & wellness.

This updated food pyramid by Dr. Low Dog is a good way visual way to consider your nutritional needs.


I take a multivitamin, probiotic, vitamin B12, D3, and magnesium supplement once a day.  As you focus more on your health during this plant-based diet journey, you may want to considering adding vitamins or supplements to your routine.  Do your research, and talk to your primary care doctor about an approach that works best for you.

Independent testing results of supplements can be found at Consumer Lab.

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