A funny thing happens when you start eating a plant-based diet.  You start looking at all your products wondering what strange and unhealthy ingredients may lurking in them. I rely pretty heavily on EWG’s Skin Deep app, which allows you to search or scan personal care and cosemtic to discover health, environmental, and allergy concerns related to the ingredients in the product.  The app doesn’t indicate if the product is cruelty free, however PETA  offers an extensive database of cruelty free companies.  Here are some of my favorite cruelty free beauty brands and products.

Shea Moisture If you like fragrant scents in your products, this brand is for you!  I’ve tried their soap, shampoos, and lotions.  Their blend of essentials oils and plant derived ingredients wins them a safe score on EWG’s Skin Deep app.  This brand is widely available at most drug stores, Target, and grocery stores.
Try: Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo, which is great for curly hair!

The Honest Company offers home, beauty, and personal products with a commitment to health & sustainability.  Check out their company standards.  Many of their household and personal products can be found at Target locations.

Sesame Oil  Use it as a make up remover and slater on your skin instead of lotion.  Just make sure you don’t buy toasted sesame oil for you skin, unless you want to smell rather savory…
Try : Spectrum Organic Sesame Oil

True Natural’s All Natural Anti-Aging Self Tanner is a safer tan than laying out in the sun, and with a low rating of of 2 on EWG’s website, it’s ingredients are not considered a high environmental, cancer, or allergen concern.

Subscription Box For $15 a month, you can try out 4 luxury vegan beauty products with a Petit Vour Monthly Subscription .  I joined a couple months ago and am loving it.  The products are large sample sizes and sometimes full size.

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